The Grez-sur-Loing Foundation would like to acknowledge:

  • Thore Löfberg who have contributed with the design of the website as well as of the symbol for Grez-sur-Loing Foundation.
  • Per-Olof Blomstrand for the construction of the website.
  • Photographers/artists that have contributed with the images:
Sida/ Bild Fotograf/Konstnär
Contact / The fields Nils Ramhöj
How to get there / Church entrance, evening Nils Ramhöj
The return / Commemorative plaque Amanda Werger
How to apply for a grant / Card players, Grez 1884 Oscar Björk 
Board of Directors / Masquerade The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts
Flats and studios / Apartment 1 Caisa Malmsten
The surroundings / The bridge in Grez  Caisa Malmsten
How to grant awards / The Stairs Caisa Malmsten
Information to grant takers / Views from Hôtel Chevillon Caisa Malmsten
Organisation / Watering can Caisa Malmsten